The latest circular and its provisions by University Grants Commission have been mandatory for all educational institutions that fall under its authority. Since this directive deals with sensitive and tricky subject of caste injustice, each proceeding must be ventured with utmost care and attention making sure that no one’s sentiments are hurt.
An Online Complaint Registration System conforming to University Grants Commission terms is assigned to sort out the issues of SC/ST caste derogation and discrimination take place in university campuses. It provides a legit voice to offended students and caters to the enquiries and doubts of students, teachers and non-teaching staff.
An outstanding system for online registration of complaints and finding solutions for caste-based issues in campuses, Complaint Viewer always goes hand in hand with harmony and freedom of equality and expression in educational institutions. We promise maximum effectiveness and timely solutions that is essential while choosing a complete online complaint registration providing partner for your college. Dealing and resolving SC/ST caste based discrimination issues with utmost care, Complaint Viewer uplifts/helps you uplift the ignored and silenced.